How I Started — Paul Stephen Edache

2019 Local Hack Day Event In Jos
  • Appointed the Head of Interns.
  • Developed & Deployed websites and mobile apps.
  • Co - Developed with Berom Database website with Levi Francis.
  • Got accepted to speak at DevFest’19 in Kafanchan, Kaduna.
  • Volunteered/Participated in the HackJos 2019.
  • Participated in the Nigeria Association of Computer Science Students (NACOSS) annual Hackathon.
  • Hosted the first Major League Hacking workshop and Saturday Hackathon.
  • Hosted the first NeurIPS + WINE 2019: Jos, Nigeria
  • Volunteered and participated in DevFest’19 in Jos, Bauchi & BizFest’19 in Abuja.
  • Became the Student Lead for Trailblazer community on my campus.
  • Currently, a google certified #IamRemarkable facilitator.
  • Pioneer Lead for Developer Student Club for Federal University Lokoja.
  • Kogi State ICT Director for NACOS



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Paul Stephen Edache

Paul Stephen Edache


DSC Lead | #IamRemarkable Facilitator | NorthCentral NACOS Coordinator